The Wisconsin winters can be brutal, but selling your home doesn’t have to be!


Historically, selling your home as temperatures plummet has not always been so fortunate for those trying to sell their home — people don’t like getting out and looking at homes in cold weather and you have the stress of the holidays, which stacks the odds. But, it’s not impossible and it may actually favor you!


At Home Buyers Advantage, we’re here to help you sell your home with as much or little assistance as you need, and we’ll get it done in the winter! Learn more about how to get better offers and exposure when trying to sell your home in the winter in today’s post! 

Selling Your Home In The Winter


While some real estate agents think selling a home in the winter is a faux pas, really it may be one of the best times to do it. Why sell your home in the winter?


  • There is less inventory which equals less competition
  • You can showcase how hardy, yet cozy your home is in the cold
  • The winter brings out serious buyers


Just these factors alone can really help get your home sold with great offers to boot in the winter!


So, what can you do to better prepare to list your home in the frigid Wisconsin winter? Below are a couple of key takeaways.  


Tend To The Exterior


Curb appeal is always one of the most crucial parts in selling a home because it draws potential homebuyers in, but it may be even more so in the winter. Ensure you’re sidewalks are always shoveled and salt is laid in case you have any last-minute showings. 


Take care to add extra lighting and make it extra cozy and charming with classic holiday lighting. 


Include Pictures Of All Seasons


The homebuyer will likely only see your home in this one season, so it’s vital to showcase it either online or in print flyers of what it looks like in the spring and summer to highlight all the beautiful landscaping and trees that make it so amazing.


Perform Specific Maintenance


As you’re getting everything buttoned up to sell, don’t neglect the important maintenance that could affect the sale. Ensure that your water heater has been serviced or replaced, your heater is ready to go (consider upgrading to a whole-house humidifier), and that all your windows and doors are draft-free. 


The worst thing is for potential buyers to walk into a home that is cold or learn that their hot water isn’t as hot as it could be.   


Embrace The Cozy


There is something about a classic cozy house that not only feels good but may even help you sell it! So, by all means, make it as inviting as possible! Light candles and add extra pillows and throws to each space.


It’s also important to have the maintenance schedule for your fireplace available and the utility costs of it and the heating bill over the last few months just for good measure. 


Beyond tending to the exterior, providing a variety of pictures, performing winter home maintenance, and making your home cozy, there are so many other takeaways to help sell your home in the winter, so stay tuned for part two!   


For more information on how we can help you sell your home this winter, connect with us today!