Let Our Milwaukee Real Estate Attorneys Support Assist You With Your FSBO Home Sale


Today’s homeowners realize that the real estate market is crowded and complicated. It can be difficult to navigate without an agent’s help. But most Realtors and real estate agencies charge high commissions for their services. That’s why some homeowners who are looking to sell their home choose to avoid paying high brokerage fees by taking the for sale by owner (FSBO) route. Still, navigating this process can also feel daunting or overwhelming.  


At HomeBuyers Advantage, our Milwaukee real estate attorney helps home sellers traverse the FSBO process. Our team of attorneys can help guide you through the necessary legal paperwork with the goal of successfully getting to the closing table with little or no bumps along the way. Call the real estate attorney that Milwaukee trusts. 

Our FSBO Attorney Services 

With our services, you will be able to save time, money, and avoid legal issues when you attempt to sell your home FSBO. By using our services you’ll hold onto your equity and at the same time receive all the assistance you will need to successfully sell your property. You can’t afford to miss a transaction as big as this up. So don’t stress out, let or attorney with over 30 years of experience assist you in completing all the required/necessary real estate documents. 

Tips for Selling Your FSBO Home

To receive the best offer and sell your home more quickly, focus on crafting an appealing MLS listing. Combining stunning photos of your home and property with a compelling description is key to landing the best offer possible.  


Emphasize descriptive terms, sought-after features, brand names, and any upgrades you have completed. For example use descriptive words like: spacious and luxurious when describing a certain feature.


Once you have the listing ready to go, take a few additional steps to ensure your home sells for maximum profit!


  • Proper staging will entice buyers during showings or any open houses you conduct.
  • Upgrading your exterior areas will provide ultimate curb appeal.
  • Work with our real estate attorney to ensure all documentation and forms are in place and have been completed properly.


At HomeBuyers Advantage, we are passionate about helping Milwaukee homeowners sell their homes successfully on their own (FSBO). Choosing to list your home as FSBO is a good option, as it means you get to retain more equity and ultimately save money. But don’t let the paperwork cause unnecessary stress. Our real estate attorney services in Milwaukee will make sure you’re protected by adhering to the complicated legal requirements.


When you choose to sell your home yourself, take advantage of our support. Reach out today to schedule your consultation with our real estate attorney/attorney in Milwaukee at HomeBuyers Advantage!