Because there is a certain amount of lore around real estate agents that needs debunking!

Real estate is often a misunderstood field often because there are large transactions at hand for both the buyer and seller — a lot is at stake. And, we want to villainize the people who are out to make a profit on an area that can be hard to understand, and over real estate’s evolution, real estate agents have seemed to have gotten this label. 




These are all words used to describe real estate agents. But, could this perhaps all be real estate lore?

At Home Buyers Advantage, we provide home buying and home selling services in a unique way — through a real estate broker and licensed attorney! Join us in today’s post as we put some myths to rest and explore the tales we’ve been told of real estate agents!

The Real Estate Stories We’ve Been Sold

Real estate sure has some good myths, and for good reason! Like any industry, there are good and bad realtors and it’s the bads ones where the stories stick. But we’re here to tell a new story! Join us below!

A real estate agent makes more when you pay more money for a house. 

It’s often thought that the more money you pay for a house the more a real estate agent makes, and this just isn’t true at all. People tell you not to trust the agent and that all they’re there for is to nickel and dime you, but at the end of the day, the commission rate between $395,000 and $410,000 is negligible to a real estate agent — they don’t lose sleep over $15,000, so they’ll fight to get you a better, albeit, lower price! 

Real estate agents don’t respect your time. 

While a chronically late real estate agent may exist, there is no excuse for tardiness as a professional — it’s unacceptable whether you’re the cable person, HVAC company, or real estate agent! 

If you experience that your real estate agent is late and acting entitled, find another! Buying or selling a home is big and you want someone not only that you like, but also someone who is respectful. 

The real estate agents who are doing well are putting their clients first and are on time. Sure, there may be a few bad apples, so be proactive and get a new real estate agent if you need to.

Real estate agents will tell you anything to close a deal.

Again, there are the bad seeds in the real estate industry that will lie to try and make a deal, but don’t paint all agents with such a broad stroke. A true professional and solid real estate agent has a reputation to uphold in their community, so they’re more inclined to be honest and trustworthy. 

And, at the end of the day, false statements or misrepresentations can be illegal. A failure to report facts are subject to prosecution and a real estate agent losing their license.

There are many tales and beliefs about real estate agents, namely, it is thought that they only want to make money. But as we’ve found, real estate agents fight to get you a better price, they respect your time, and are honest and trustworthy. 

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