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MLS Buyer Searches

Each morning our staff searches the MLS system locates and communicates with area agents who are working with potential buyers who are looking for a similar home and in an area like yours. Once a potential Buyer is located we follow up with e-mails and phone calls introducing your property to their agent.

Automated Detailed Showing Reports

Can I improve the way my house looks and is my home priced right? These are two questions Sellers seem to want and need to know. That is why receiving feedback from agents and Buyers is an essential tool to help sell your home. Other agents will tell us things that they never would communicate to the homeowner because they are afraid they would insult them. HBA uses the latest in technology to uncover these answers. Once we receive this feedback, automated details are forwarded to you by e-mail for you and your agent to discuss.

Patented Watchdog Alerts®

We make sure you are always a step ahead of your competition! Each and every day our trained staff uses our patented Watchdog software to track competitive properties and immediately alerts our Sellers and their agents via-email when a comparable home in a neighborhood is listed, sold or reduces its’ price. This service alone sells homes!

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